Top 10 Must Listen to Audiobooks

top 10 must listen to books

Audiobooks are in, they make it easy for readers to enjoy their favorite stories while they commute.

Some will say that audiobooks make the dreadful trip to and from work enjoyable, to say the least. That is because audiobooks have the unique ability to transport you to another world. Sometimes while people listen to an audiobook, they wish that their commute was a little longer.

There are thousands of audiobooks published every year. Some are not so good, and some are just outstanding. Here is our list for the top 10 must listen to audiobooks.  Each of the following audiobooks, have made it to the top of our list for their Overall, Performance and Story, each has something unique to offer. We hope you enjoy.


10 – The Little Prince

This book is the definition of magical, while is rather short, its every word makes you imagine something special. It makes you imagine something that means something to you and you alone. Don’t think that only a kid can enjoy this book. If you are an adult, this book will teach you a valuable lesson, a lesson that we often forget.


9 – Gone Girl

Talk about a book that has no loopholes and can keep you guessing all the way to the end. If you haven’t watched the movie or gave this book a read, then you are in for a treat. “Why is this book here? we’ve already seen the movie!” Good question. If you have seen the movie, but not read the book then this is the audiobook for you. There are many things in the book that did not make it to the big screen, things that will make you think of the characters in a way different way.


8 – Star Wars: Darth Plagueis

The truth is, that even if you are not a Star Wars fan, you will find this book rather enjoyable. The book is smart and doesn’t deliver easy solutions to a problem because of the “Force” nor the characters in this book are particularly lucky. It’s just a solid book. The way it’s performed also gives it a high-quality feel to it. Or if you are considering the possibility of diving into the Star Wars universe, this is the book for you. If you are already a Star Wars fan, then you might learn many things you didn’t know before reading this book.


7 – Pathfinder: Book 1

This was a wow. In the beginning of every chapter, there is a separate 2 to 5-minute story that has nothing to do with the main story of the book.  For spoiler’s reasons, we won’t tell you why that story is there. But we will tell you that this book was refreshing, and greatly written. Both stories in this book feel unique and fresh. Orson Scott Card delivers the best in Science Fiction once again.  You’ll thank us if you ever listen to this one.


6 – Enders Game: Special 20th Anniversary Edition

Even after reading the book, a few times and watching the approximation of a movie that came out, this audiobook is a must listen to. The performance of Stefan Rudnick, Harlan Ellison and Gabrielle de Cuir are impeccable and are amongst the best we’ve heard. They bring the world of Ender right to life. And in this edition, there is a nice afterword by Orson Scott Card reading himself and that makes this book rather special.


5 – Hell Divers

This is among the most original books we’ve listened to. Although the writing can get a little clunky, and you really don’t find yourself caring too much about the main character, you can’t help but enjoy the Hell out of this book. The performance by R.C. Bray makes it all worth it. This is a nice action-packed book.


4 – Off to Be the Wizard (Book 1, 2, 3)

These books are fun, enjoyable and funny on many occasions. They are light and easy to listen to, but they have a lot of depth.  The ideas feel new, and it’s a definite lightweight refresher from your usual reading. If you like computers, you will enjoy these books.


3 – Age of Myth

Michael J Sullivan does it again, and he does it in a big way. This new world that he created feels entirely his. This book is a nice balance, a dance if you will, between the fun and serious aspect of storytelling. Although it can be slow at some points in the book, the wait is well worth it.


2 – Fear the sky

Talk about a perfect book. This was a great all around book.  We won’t be surprised if it becomes a movie in the near future. This book has just too many good things going for it, and the performance by R.C. Bray are amongst the best we’ve ever heard. There is no detail that doesn’t matter, and there is no detail left out. A good Hard Science Fiction Book, to say the least, and we mean the least by we are just being modest and want you to enjoy for yourself.


1 – Ready Player One

This book has it all, and by all, we mean everything pop culture.  It’s one great big mashup of all the things we grew up enjoying. If you ever held a Nintendo controller or seen a Back to the Future movie, heck if you’ve read a book before, chances are you will enjoy this one. This book made it to the top of our list because, it has heart, and a nostalgic feel to it.  This book is already in the works to become a major motion picture, and no other than Steven Spielberg himself will direct it.


We hope you will enjoy our list of the Top 10 Must Listen to Audiobooks.


Railgun: Earth Under Siege

While you are at it, don’t forget to check out our very out first audiobook.

This book takes you on an adventure of apocalyptic proportions. When an alien race threatens to wipe out humanity, who will stand in their way? Performed by upcoming artist, Harry Benjamin, this book is a solid, yet enjoyable Sci-Fi thriller.


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