The Three Snakes Mountain

the three snakes mountain

Far up in the mountains of the Three Snakes, every 28th of May, a flashing light blinks every time someone that is desperate for money or a new opportunity. This flashing light goes unnoticed by most people that pass by it. Nevertheless, for almost five years Asier has noticed it. Having been brought up in a harsh life where food and many of the things we take for granted were scarce.

Throughout all of those years, he wanted to venture into the little flashing light to see what was there but he never dared to. The trip would be hard and long; he calculated that it would take him two days on foot to walk towards that flashing light.

Being fed up with life and his already diminishing resources, he fills himself up with bravery; gathered everything he had that would be useful for the trip and headed towards what he thought was his only hope for a new life.

At the time, Asier had in his possession one and a half rabbits, seventeen prickly pears, half a loaf of bread, his trusted knife, rope, a lamp that burned on oil, and a blanket. He timed his trip so that he would arrive at the flashing light on the 28th of May. He thought that with any luck, he would be there on that day when the sun was at its highest point.

His trip was tough but not as tough as he initially thought. He passed through rivers, descended and ascended steep cliffs, got burnt under the sun and got drenched in rain. In addition to this, spiders, mosquitos, and snakes were not his best of friends. He felt that with every step he took, he was getting closer to one of his little enemies. Having been bitten by several spiders and mosquitos did not slow him down. He continued his march getting deeper and deeper into the forest.

Right on schedule, he arrived at the place. To his surprise, the light was there. And with every step he took towards the light, his heartbeat began to rise faster and faster until excitement filled his body. As he got closer, he could not believe his eyes.

From a few meters away, he saw a cave and inside that cave, he saw gold. He ran inside the cave as fast as he could, wiping his eyes along the way, making sure that they were not playing tricks on him. And when he was within reach of the gold inside the cave, his heart dropped because it was all real. Walls were covered to the brim with different kinds of gold big and small, thick and thin. An immense joy swept his body and made him the happiest on earth. But when he held a handful of gold, the door behind him closed.

A voice whispered ever so softly, “All or nothing”.