Things I’ve learned as an Author about stories.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

In the beginning

Like many other authors, I Started my journey many years before my first publishing book. Unlike many other authors, I started my journey because of the need to tell the stories beyond my illustrations.

What does that mean?

It means that I used to draw, a lot. And I got to the point where my drawings wasn’t a large enough creative outlet. The stories in my head were only being told to me as a drew. The stories behind the illustrations rarely came up, even when people asked about a certain illustration. I always found myself having a hard time trying to condense down its story.

Then a thought began to grow in my head, what if I wrote a book about it? I had read many books so far in my young life. And I thought that I had what it took to write a good book. I thought that if others could do it, so could I. So, I read book after book, some amazing, some good and some well you know, not so good. But the Idea that I had of writing a book, never grew outside of an Idea.

Years passed this way.

I went on with life, had a successful career as a graphic designer, but there was always something missing. Everything I did creatively was never enough. So, then I finally decided to give my old idea of writing a book a chance.

The Watcher: And the Origins of Magic

small book cover for the watcher

In a few days time after deciding to give writing a go, I found myself writing what would be my first book, Man-eating machine. A few months after I had finished it, but it was a crappy book. It had no real qualities as a book. Being honest it sounded more like a long essay than a book. So Man-eating machine never saw the light of day.

I knew that it would take time to develop any kind of writing skills, so I was not discouraging. And I went straight away into writing some more, and two books later, I wrote what would be my first published book, The Watcher and the Origins of Magic. I thought I had nailed it, that this would take me to stardom and that people would love it. But I was naive enough to think that they would love as much as the Lord of the Rings.

But it turns out I was wrong, although the book had an interesting plot, and the Idea was original. The book was rushed, to say the least, and wasn’t written to the best of my abilities. The book should have been twice or trice as long. And at the time I was not paying attention to the craft, of writing a book. But even with all the negatives, it was a good book.

Railgun: Earth Under Siege

Given that the Fantasy book didn’t move much ground for me, and I was still trying to find my voice as an author. I moved on to writing something completely different. I went into the world of sci-fi and into writing in first person. So, I wrote, Railgun: Earth Under Siege. I thought I had a blockbuster idea. The world was dying, there was an alien invasion, and it was up to a girl and her AI robot to save the world. But I was so focused on characters in this book, that in other to make the story work and without even knowing it. Also, I wrote a bunch of clichés’. As you could imagine that didn’t sit well with the readers. But even then, I was still determined to make it as a writer.

Hyper Connection: A Dangerous Game to Play.

Mere months after I wrote Hyper Connection, in first person, while paying attention not to throw clichés in, making a good plot. I managed to get inside the mind of the characters. And I was happy with the results, so I rushed to publish, and sure enough, I had gotten a few things wrong. One of them was that the book wasn’t polished, it had many typos even after an editor had looked at it. Two, the character weren’t so believable because the book is too short, I didn’t give myself enough space to further develop the characters, there many things that I kept inside while writing this. However, many people looking for lit-RPG or looking to read a short novel end up liking this book, despite its flaws. Until this day, I have read to see something like it, at last plot-wise.

Fire & Stone: The War for Life.

Fire & Stone Book

Having had my fair chair of Sci-Fi I decided to jump back into the world of fantasy and write Fire & Stone: The War for Life. I thought I had learned everything I needed to learn thus far to make a good book. The problem with this book was that it was the continuation of The Watcher: And the Origins of Magic. There wasn’t many lining up to read it. It’s incredibly hard to promote a part two of a book that has flaws, nobody is willing to give it a chance.

Those who do end up not liking it because of the following. I wrote the magic system for the world of the watcher in book one, and I do little to reinforce it in book two. Also, the book is not as clean as it should be, it has a few mistakes here and there, and it can read a little choppy at times. And this time, the bad reviews had broken my spirit.

I was beginning to think that no matter what I did, I would always make mistakes when it came to writing. I found myself defeated and broken. Four books under my belt and none of them had been a best seller. So, I took a break and began reading a bunch of books on craft and writing. And somehow the fire to write once again began to burn.

Arising Beasts: Genesis

Arising Beasts Book Cover

After the sixth or seventh book that I read on writing, I outlined the idea for Arising Beasts: Genesis, and I was determined to make this a good book. Several revisions later, I publish what would be the final version you see now, and it was relatively successful. The plot was great, the characters where good and the crafting was good. The only flaw that I see in this book as that is on a shorter end of things sitting at around 50k. And I had done no market research, I didn’t know if there was a readership for this kind of book. Also, it was written in third person omniscient. But at the time it was all I knew how to write, so I give myself a pass.

I was feeling good at this point, I had one successful book that people enjoyed, I needed more and I needed them fast. So I outlined perhaps one of my most ambitious outlines yet for Arimus: Blood from the Stars. The outline had it all, action, adventure, twist and turns and even some romance. And to top it off I had just learned to write in third person limited, which I love now.

Arimus: Blood from the Stars

Arimus Ebook Cover

A few months later, the book was published. At first glance, it looked perfect. Even after a re-read it a couple of time it still was enjoyable. But the book as I later came to find out was highly unusual, in the way I wrote it. Big mistake! People either loved it or hated it, to the tone of 70-30, the 70 percent that did like it, hung around at 4 to 5 stars while the 30 that didn’t thoroughly hated it. I should have had more editing passes on this book and caught the 12 typos along the way to perhaps prevent the very angry reviews.

But Arimus: Blood from the Stars is still a great book by any standards. And I can only hope that those who read understand that I am doing the best I can at every stage to bring to lite great books, without letting years pass in between.

Feeling good about Arimus: Blood from the Stars, despite some negative reviews. I told myself, that I had to better, no not better, I had to do the best I could.

Sodenia: The First Space Basion

A space opera book

So, when I sat down to write Sodenia: The First Space Bastion, I took in considerations everything I had learned from my past mistakes. I tried my best, my absolute best, not to remake any of those mistakes while bettering my craft as the writer. I took my time to, edit, polish, have people read it, edit some more, polish some more, proofread, have the editor give it multiple runs. The result? Perhaps the best book I’ve written so far. But you’ll be the judge.

I’m planning on revisiting and someday re-writing all of my past books. But for now, enjoy the best I have to offer.