Audibooks and how People are now Enjoying them on their Drive to work

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We’ll focus on Science fiction and fantasy books for now because honestly, that’s all we deal with in Sky Gate Tale (for now.) Science fiction and fantasy books have a loyal fan base because of their unique approach to plots and story telling. However, due to a very busy lifestyle, many people rarely get time to read books as much as they would love to. Due to time constraints, people have shifted from reading physical books to listening to audiobooks since they are more convenient, simple to purchase and cheap as opposed to physical ones and to top it all they allow for multitasking.

For fiction lovers who are on tight schedules, there is a way out. In this article, we discuss ways in which people are enjoying hours of entertainment of science and fantasy books on their drive to work that will inspire you.

With a passion for the books, fiction lovers have discovered various audiobook services that enable them to enjoy their favorite books even as they drive to work. Here are 4 popular audio book services that have made book reading more easy and pleasurable for fantasy book fans.


Audible is by far our favorite one-stop shop for audiobooks. Purchasing books from audible is easy. They also have a subscription plan for those who want to read at least one book a month. Many drivers have discovered this popular amazon company that has over 100,000 audio books that they can purchase, rent or listen to offline. All they need to do is signup and choose an appropriate plan. Audible facilitates the freedom of listening to their favorite fantasy books anytime, anywhere even on their smartphones using Audible’s mobile app, consequently, readers have found it very easy to use since they just log in to their amazon or Audible account, buy a book and start listening. And oh! They get to own the books that they buy.

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A lot of commuters use this service which is widely used by several libraries to check out the books on their smartphones or tablets. Audiobook enthusiast only need to search the overdrive library for their favorite book. The overdrive app allows the easy transfer of audiobooks to mp3 players and other portable devices. It supports offline listening and books can be burned to CD or any other device which can read audio books. Users enjoy the free service for offline listening, though the books they can borrow at a go are limited depending on demand. Overdrive makes it super easy to borrow the books of one’s choice.

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Some people who consider Audible a bit expensive use this service because it is slightly cheaper, although the range of books is small compared to Audible’s. They can play audio books or download as much as they prefer. The books are available for download in mp3 or m4b format from the mobile app or downpour’s website.

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One of the easiest most affordable service out there. Readers reap the benefits of a wide selection of science fiction works to choose from and they download directly from the site. People who want to listen to books while driving to work can easily find books of their choice using the search bar amongst other great titles to choose from.

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We hope you’ve found these audiobook alternatives helpful. For some of our audiobooks recommendations click here.