“All great things have small beginnings”

Sky Gate Tale

In every human mind, there is a gate so high up in the sky that it is almost impossible to see at first glance. This is not just an ordinary gate but a doorway to a whole new dimension where everything is possible.

The element behind this gate is enormous, expanding upon every known territory of the imagination—from fiction to romance, from science fiction to adventure—it knows it all, and it knows no boundaries.

Here, the mind is free to wander, to create new great worlds filled with fantastic creatures and beasts. And this dimension is hungry, feeding upon an exorbitant amount of information. It’s insatiable; the more it has, the bigger it gets. No amount of stories is ever enough to quench its thirst.

However, for the majority of humans, this gate lies dormant, only feeding on the stories being read, watched or that are happening around them, without ever having the need to build its own world. But once it wakes up from its slumber, it wakes up with one of the most ferocious appetite ever known to humanity. It wakes up with the need to tell a story.

This is how the name Sky Gate Tale was born.

How can we make a difference?

The mission of Sky Gate Tale is to bring before you, new and original stories from new authors of the highest quality possible. All books are carefully selected and screened beforehand, bringing you great reads. With Sky Gate Tale, you will immerse yourself in brand new worlds and new adventures. Whether it is Fantasy, Adventure, Sci-Fi, or Romance, you will surely find exactly what you are looking for.

We welcome you to Sky Gate Tale’s small beginning. Join us in this wonderful adventure, and witness as books from all over the world fill the libraries of Sky Gate Tale.