In the works #1


What am I currently working on?

I’m currently writing, a full-length space opera with a ton of extra content in the form of three free books that will lead up to the novel. Strat on the seatbelts on your rocket booster because is going to be one hell of a ride.


The First Space Bastion takes place in the not so distant future, here on earth, after the first attack of aliens on earth. The attack left thousands of people dead and hundreds of thousands injured changing the course of humanity. As a result, world leaders came together to face the alien threat, they created the E.S.A.F. or Earth Space Armed Federation. Humanity scrambled to find a way to protect themselves in the case of a second coming. And they did.

Enter the first space bastion, a massive ship equipped with the best technology humanity can muster. But its secret power doesn’t lie in its brute strength and speed it lied on the people onboard.

Alien Battle Fleet

I want to read this now, and I’m the author. A thing or two might change, but that’s what I am going with for now.

I’d say that as of today, I’m about halfway done with the first draft, in about a month I should be done with the whole thing. If you want to know about any updates, subscribe to my newsletter.

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Otherwise stay tuned, great things are just around the corner. 🙂

Meanwhile, if you are looking for something good to read. I invite you to read one of my own. Animus: Blood from the Stars. It’s actioned pack sci-fi, with a touch of dragons, has a complex story and will leave you satisfied.

Arimus Ebook Cover

As evil makes its way to Earth, an ancient being awakens.

Adam did not have any special talents, nor did he want to have any. All he wanted was to perhaps live a normal life, even if it meant living in monotony. But all that changed the day Adam died in a devastating floater accident. Adam was stunned to find himself resurrected and put back together, given another chance at life by an elder lifeforce that now inhabited his body. And when he begins to discover that his body has been augmented in ways that are impossible to comprehend, a new purpose in life begins to reveal itself.

Adam’s newfound power sets him on a path of maximum resistance in search of an ancient being, the same being the alien residents of Ether LA have been searching for all along.

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