What happens when you can’t log out?

Virtual Reality – once just a dream but now a trending technological advancement that has completely changed our world. Gamers rejoice as a company called GATE releases one of their new products. The company is well known for their massive VRMMORPG’s and many other technological advancements. This time they are up to something different, the company now seeks to employ players in the VR space, fully submerged for an extended period a time.

The joy of the players that signed up to work for the company quickly turns to terror as they discover that, Gate is not what it seems to be, and their lives are in grave danger. They learn that, if they die in the new VR space Gate created for them, they die in real life. To make matters worse the log-out option was mysteriously removed.

Fantasy > Science Fiction > VRMMORPG > litRPG

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