Life hung in the balance.

When the Gates opened, evil waged war against the world. The planet was dying due to the calamity that the Gates had set upon it. The skies got darker each day, and life lost its magic.

A dying dragon was given a second chance at life when he was granted immense power to take on the deadly Gates and all its creatures; only the brave and purest of heart could stand in the way of total destruction.

To save the world, the dragon, and Bliss, a being of incredible magic, must be willing to sacrifice it all. However, evil had its way of breaking spirits and tearing hearts apart. The world, and all in it, will forever change.

Many brave souls joined the fight for life, but more troubles arose as the darkness gained strength and tighten its hold over the lands.

In the end, nothing will be left standing, no heart will be left unscarred.

Fantasy > Magic > Sword & Sorcery

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