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Railgun: Earth Under Siege

Earth was lost
In its most desperate hour, humanity clings to the edge of chaos—at the tipping point between Armageddon and a new world order. When the Miriu, an advanced alien race, descends upon Earth in the year 2197, they have only one goal: the complete annihilation of the human race. With vastly superior technology and a penchant for total world domination, the Miriu emerge as indestructible bringers of death and appear to stop at nothing to complete their prime directive. In their wake, they leave a trail of death across the face of the planet, and for a moment, all seems lost. Amidst the rubble of a once great planet, an unlikely hero rises to answer the call of the Miriu. Having sprung forth from the world of science to avenge Earth’s terrible fate, Railgun is the last hope humanity has.
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Hyper Connection Audiobook Cover

Hyper Connection: A Dangerous Game to Play

What happens when you can't log out?
Virtual Reality was once just a dream, but now it's a trending technological advancement that has completely changed our world. Gamers rejoice as a company called Gate releases one of their new products. The company is well known for its massive VRMMORPG's and many other technological advancements. This time they are up to something different. The company now seeks to employ players in the VR space and fully submerge them for an extended period of time. The joy of the players that signed up to work for the company quickly turns to terror as they discover that Gate is not what it seems to be, and their lives are in grave danger. They learn that if they die in the new VR space Gate created for them, they die in real life. To make matters worse the log-out option was mysteriously removed.
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Arising Beasts Audiobook Cover
An alien invasion occurred on Earth
As a consequence, most of the planet had become a poisonous desert wasteland, where little life existed. The last of humanity was scattered throughout the globe in high-rise bunkers called Havens. But most of the Havens were failing, and time was running out. Their only option was to send a group of scouts into the treacherous desert filled with terror—men and women who would risk their lives and the lives of those in the Havens to try and find the last of the War Beasts, buried somewhere in the endless sand. With limited time, rations and weapons, the brave scouts had become the last hope for humanity to survive the end of the world. Arising Beasts is the larger-than-life story of humanity's battle for survival on a poisoned Planet Earth.
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The Watcher Audiobook Cover

The Watcher: And the Origins Virgin

In the beginning, there were seven.
Seven magical beings, with the power to change the world. Now, only one remained. Bliss was the last of her kind. Since she was born, she has been hunted for her power, sought for far and wide by one of the first humans able to use magic - a vampire named Gavril. Darkness had consumed his entire being, making him feel no remorse, nor guilt, nor loyalty to anyone but power itself. Living her life in peril, Bliss was only able to survive through the efforts of a unique creature called the Watcher. Since the Watcher came into this world, he was given power, with one sole purpose, to protect the magical beings. Gavril will stop at nothing to obtain the last of the magical beings, and turn the world over to darkness. Only the watcher can stand in his way, but for how long? The days of prospering and plenty have long passed and now Bliss must take her destiny into her own hands before darkness falls over the land.
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