The apocalypse was real.

An alien invasion occurred on Earth, centuries ago. Now only remnants of a once great planet remained, a scarred and poisonous desert wasteland was all that humanity had left. The last of humanity was scattered throughout the globe in high-rise bunkers called Havens.

For humanity, time was running out, the Havens were failing, the supplies that made life possible for humans were dwindling out of existence.

Their only option was to send a group of brave scouts into the treacherous desert filled with terrors. They would risk their lives and the lives of those who were left behind in the Havens to try and find the last of the War Beasts buried somewhere in the endless sand.

Will humanity survive the end of the world?

Arising Beasts is the larger-than-life story of humanity’s battle for survival on a poisoned Planet Earth.

Science Fiction > Military > Post apocalyptic 

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