A New Kind of LitRPG

Pam closeup

A New Kind of LitRPG

Hyper Connection just hit the Audiobook Stores

And things are looking good for the LitRPG Standalone Audiobook.

Hyper Connection by Luis Robles is based on the idea of LitRPG but with a real twist. When virtual reality becomes perfect and users can’t tell the difference between the real world and the VR, problems are quick to arise.

Tate and Pam quickly find themselves stuck in a dangerous world with the possibility of never being able to log out, and that is not the only danger they face.

About the Audiobook

Hyper Connection’s audiobook is narrated by Kevin Gisi, a great voice artist that was able to bring the LitRPG to life in the most enjoyable way. His versatile voice tones make for clear and define characters.

Overall, Hyper Connection makes for a great Audiobook for many to enjoy.

Listen for yourself

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